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"A brilliant, current, young and up to date working actors guide that every 2020 actor should have in their library!"

Chloe Adlerstein, ACTOR

" I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking to get into the industry.!"

Ali Afzal, ACTOR

"Actorpreneur, gives a superb indepth view into the world of acting. Expertly written and explained by the successful actress Jade Asha, who provides anyone who wishes to embark on an acting career, with the knowledge she has attained on her journey. A book for everyone on any level to have in their corner."

Lincoln Kennedy, MUSICIAN

"My fave new ‘go-to’ guide for advice on the world of acting."

Natalie Wood, SINGER

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Available to buy on Amazon in paperback and ebook.

Signed copies available on Etsy.

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